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C Hook Ring


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316 Stainless steel hook for parrots/birds legs
Ready Stock in Singapore. Possible next day collection!

Leg ring size chart*

4 american budgie, pacific parrotlet
5 english budgie, peach face lovebird, fischers lovebird, american budgie and pacific  parrotlet
6 yellow-sided conures, green-cheeked conures and cockatiels
7 indian ring-necked parakeet, senegals, dusky conure, sun conure, monk parakeet and  hahn macaw 
8 green-thigh caique, black-headed caique and white-headed caique
9 rainbow lory, black capped lory and chattering lory
10 orange winged amazon, goffin cockatoo, lesser sulphur cockatoo and smaller amazons
12 orange winged amazon, yellow naped amazon, larger amazons and medium sulphur cockatoo, congo african grey and eclectus parrots
15 blue throated macaw and blue and gold macaw (female or small size)
16/17 blue and gold macaw (male or big size)
17/18 Buffon macaw, green-winged macaw and black palm cockatoo

*This is just a general guideline

After ordering please drop us a message of the engraving characters.